Richard Muntz Wins the 2006 SIGMETRICS Achievement Award

ACM SIGMETRICS is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Richard R. Muntz, of UCLA as the recipient of the 2006 ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award in recognition of his pioneering contributions to performance modeling, especially the landmark enabling of the modern theory of queueing networks. In addition, Dr. Muntz has also made fundamental contributions in the design and analysis of multimedia storage systems, spatial data indexing and searching techniques for database systems.

Dr. Muntz received the BEE from Pratt Institute, the MEE from New York University, and the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University. Immediately after receiving his Ph.D., he joined the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He is currently Professor in the Computer Science Department at UCLA, and has served as Department Chair in the past.

Dr. Richard R. Muntz was a member of the ACM SIGMETRICS Board of Directors and chair of IFIP Working Group 7.3. He was an associate editor for the Journal of the ACM and editor-in-chief of ACM Computing Surveys. He served in numerous technical committees of International Conferences and was the General Chair of ACM SIGMETRICS 2002 and the Program Chair of ACM SIGMETRICS 1993. He is a member of Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery, and a Fellow of the IEEE. His current research interests are scientific database systems, multimedia storage and database systems, data mining and computer system performance evaluation.

For more information about Dr. Muntz, please visit his website:

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