International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of
Computer Systems

Part of Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC) 2011

San Jose, California
JUNE 7-11, 2011

MAMA 2011 Schedule

The Thirteenth Workshop on MAthematical performance Modeling and Analysis
June 8th, 2011 - San Jose, California, USA

Single pdf file that contains the program and each of the abstracts in the order of presentation

Wednesday, June 8
08:15 -- 08:20am
  Opening Remarks
08:20 -- 08:50am
  Path-vector routing stability analysis
D. Papadimitriou (Alcatel-Lucent Bell), Florin Coras, A. Cabellos (Technical University of Catalonia)
08:50 -- 09:20am
  A deterministic algorithm of single failed node recovery in MSR-based distributed storage systems
H. Zhao, Y. Xu (University of Science & Technology of China)
09:20 -- 09:50am
  Robust heterogeneous data center design: A principled approach
S. Garg, S. Sundaram, H.D. Patel (University of Waterloo)
09:50 -- 10:15am
  Coffee Break
10:15 -- 10:45am
  On network criticality in wireless networks
A. Tizghadam, A. Leon-Garcia (University of Toronto)
10:45 -- 11:15am
  Diffusion and cascading behavior in random networks
M. Lelarge (INRIA-ENS)
11:30 -- 12:30pm
  FCRC Plenary Talk
12:30 -- 01:30pm
01:30 -- 02:00pm
  Search in non-homogeneous random environments
O.H. Abdelrahman, E. Gelenbe (Imperial College)
02:00 -- 02:30pm
  On estimation problems for the G/G/infinity queue
H. Feng, P. Dube, L. Zhang (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
02:30 -- 03:00pm
  Dispatching to incentivize fast service in multi-server queues
S. Doroudi (CMU), R. Gopalakrishnan, A. Wierman (California Institute of Technology)
03:00 -- 03:30pm
  The power of partial power of two choices
O.T. Akgun, R. Righter, R. Wolff (University of California, Berkeley)
03:30 -- 04:00pm
  Coffee Break
04:00 -- 04:30pm
  Settling for less -- A QoS compromise mechanism for opportunistic mobile networks
R. Pal (USC), S. Kosta (University of Rome, Sapienza), P. Hui (Telekom Labs)
04:30 -- 05:00pm
  Investigating the effect of node heterogeneity and network externality on security adoption
Z. Yang, J.C.S. Lui (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
05:00 -- 05:30pm
  Implications of peer selection strategies by publishers on the performance of P2P swarming systems
D. Sadoc Menasche (University of Massachusetts), A.A. de A. Rocha (Fluminense Federal University), E.A. de Souza e Silva (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), D. Towsley (University of Massachusetts), R.M. Meri Leao (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
05:30 -- 06:00pm
  How impatience affects the performance and scalability of P2P video-on-demand systems
S. Aalto, P. Lassila (Aalto University), P. Savolainen, S. Tarkoma (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology)