International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of
Computer Systems

Part of Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC) 2011

San Jose, California
JUNE 7-11, 2011

Student Activities

Detailed Schedule

Wednesday, June 8th
9:15am - 12:00pm
  Visit to SAP Research Lab, Palo Alto
2:10pm - 5:10pm
  Student Industry Workshop
6:00pm - 7:00pm
  Student Poster Session (joint with HPDC)

Visit to SAP Research Lab, Palo Alto

SAP Research, the global technology research unit of SAP, is pleased to offer to SIGMETRICS students this year a visit to the SAP Research location in Palo Alto.

The event is open to all students registered to SIGMETRICS. Students are invited to pre-register for this event by sending an email to Giuliano Casale (g dot casale at imperial dot ac dot uk) with title "Registration - SAP Research Palo Alto". Due to limitations on the maximum number of participants to this event, it is recommended to register. Students without registration are invited to come to the bus meeting point to check for last minute availability.

The bus leaves from the front of the San Jose Convention Center (150 West San Carlos Street) at 9:15am on Wednesday 8.

SAP Research in Palo Alto hosts leading researchers addressing a broad set of IT-related research fields including advanced infrastructure technology, business intelligence, next generation enterprise SOA, and web programming models.

SAP Research significantly contributes to SAP's product portfolio and extends its leading position in the market by identifying and shaping emerging IT trends and generating breakthrough technologies through applied research. SAP Research spreads its research and development activities around the globe. Currently, their thriving network comprises of 19 locations worldwide, including their headquarters in Walldorf, and numerous partners from the business and academic worlds. For more information, visit

Student Industry Workshop

The SIGMETRICS Student Industry Workshop will consist of a series of invited talks from industrial researchers to illustrate what performance evaluation, optimization and modeling questions are tackled today at industrial labs. This is an occasion for students to learn more about the areas of leadership of each company, to acquire information about internship and post-doc employment opportunities, to understand better the industrial work environment, and to discuss during the networking break with the participants about topics of mutual interest. Please note that the workshop is not meant to be a job fair, hence presenters are not expected to collect resumes or provide feedback on job applications.

Participation to the Student Industry Workshop is open to all registered SIGMETRICS students.

Detailed Program:

Wednesday, June 8th
2:10pm - 2:15pm
  Opening remarks
2:15pm - 2:40pm
  Ajay Gulati (VMware)
2:40pm - 3:05pm
  Dinesh Subhraveti (IBM Almaden)
3:05pm - 3:30pm
  Nitish Korula (Google)
3:30pm - 3:55pm
  Networking break
3:55pm - 4:20pm
  Graham Cormode (AT&T Labs-Research)
4:20pm - 4:45pm
  Stratis Ioannidis (Technicolor)
4:45pm - 5:10pm
  Xiaozhou Li (HP Labs)

HPDC/SIGMETRICS 2011 Student Posters

Call for Submissions: [html]

Submission deadline: April 27, 2011 April 29, 2011

Accepted Student Posters (HPDC/SIGMETRICS 2011)

The student posters session will take place in the Concourse at 6:00pm - 7:00pm on Wednesday 8.

The best student poster award: Jeremy Blackburn (presenter), Ramanuja Simha, Clayton Long, Xiang Zuo, John Skvoretz, Adriana Iamnitchi. Cheating Behavior in a Gaming Metanetwork

BrickX: Building Hybrid Systems for Recursive Computations
Presenter: Yuanrui Zhang, Penn State

Cheating Behavior in a Gaming Metanetwork
Presenter: Jeremy Blackburn, University of South Florida

Fluid computation of the performance - energy trade-off in large scale Markov models
Presenter: Anton Stefanek, Imperial College

Improving Hadoop Performance in Intercloud Environments
Presenter: Shin-gyu Kim, SNU

Improving performance and energy savings through alternate forwarding
Presenter: Yong Lee, Texas A&M

Improving Performance of MapReduce Framework on InterCloud By Avoiding Transmission of Unnecessary Data
Presenter: Seungmi Choi, SNU

Investigating MapReduce Framework Extensions for Efficient Processing of Geographically Scattered Datasets
Presenter: Hrishikesh Gadre, Rutgers

Mean-field approximations for performance models with deterministic timeouts
Presenter: Richard Hayden, Imperial College

Multicasting MDC Videos To Receivers with Different Screen Resolution
Presenter: Rohan Gandhi, Purdue

Scheduling Jobs for Heterogeneous Multicore Processors Using Phase Identification
Presenter: Lina Sawalha, University of Oklahoma

Exploring Distributed Hash Tables in High-End Computing
Presenter: Tonglin Li, Illinois Institute of Technology

Student Travel Support

Application Information: [html] [pdf]

Application deadline: April 30, 2011, 11:59pm PST