The History of SIGMETRICS


Here are the official answers to the SIGMETRICS Trivia Contest. If you spot any factual errors, please let us know, so that we can get things properly rectified. Thanks!

  1. When was our SIG first created? November 19, 1971
  2. Who was the very first SIG Chair? Stephen Kimbleton
  3. Including 2010, how many SIGMETRICS conferences have been held? 36
  4. How many SIGMETRICS conferences have been held jointly with IFIP Performance? 12
  5. How many members does SIGMETRICS currently have? About 500. My most recent list from ACM (dated April 22, 2009) shows 506 names.
  6. How many members did SIGMETRICS have in June 1997? 1364
  7. In which month have the most SIGMETRICS conferences been held? June
  8. Which city has hosted the most ACM SIGMETRICS conferences? How many? There is a three-way tie between Cambridge (MA), San Diego (CA), and Seattle (WA), with 3 conferences each.
  9. What three different names has our SIG had during its 39-year existence? SICME, SIGME, and SIGMETRICS
  10. What additional name change was considered, but never acted upon? SIGPERF (1992)
  11. Who has served most often as General Chair for SIGMETRICS conferences? Herb Schwetman (1981, 1983, 1984, 1985)
  12. Who holds the record for the most consecutive years of service as the SIGMETRICS newsletter (N/L) editor? How many years? Blaine Gaither, 14 years (1983-1997)
  13. What unusual event took place at the 1987 ACM SIGMETRICS conference? A medieval feast in the Banff Springs Hotel. (Partial credit for those that mentioned the change of conference dates, relocation of the banquet due to renovations at the Chateau Lake Louise, the proceedings printing glitch, the food fight, or the marriage proposal, all of which are true. We have promised not to reveal who short-sheeted Domenico's bed!)
  14. Who included the SIGMETRICS conference as part of his/her honeymoon in 2005? Adam Wierman
  15. Who holds the record for the most accepted papers (authored or co-authored) in a single SIGMETRICS conference? Which year? Not totally sure on this one. The previous record is believed to be 3 papers, achieved by Jun Xu (2006) and Mor Harchol-Balter (2009). If this information is correct, then the new record-holder is definitely Devavrat Shah, with 4 papers (and 2 posters) at the 2010 conference.
  16. Including 2010, how many SIGMETRICS conferences have had the banquet on a cruise boat? Which years? Not totally sure on this one. Who made up these questions, anyway? I'm thinking at least 5, but not more than 10. The ones that immediately come to mind are 1991 (San Diego), 1998 (Madison), 2008 (Annapolis), and 2010 (New York). A reliable source tells me that 1982 (Seattle) and 1989 (Berkeley) also had cruises. I think that one of the Cambridge (MA) conferences did this too, but can't remember which one. I also have a hunch that Murray did this in Ottawa in 1995, but my memory fades. And for the very early years, I have no idea. Help!
  17. Who has attended the most consecutive SIGMETRICS conferences? How many? My guess is the current SIG Chair, Carey Williamson, with 24 in a row from 1987 to now. Can anyone top this?
  18. Who holds the record for driving his/her car to the SIGMETRICS conference in the most consecutive years? How many, and in which years? My guess is the current SIG Chair, Carey Williamson, with 3. He did this as a Stanford graduate student in 1989 (Berkeley), 1990 (Boulder), and 1991 (San Diego). Dang that Rhode Island conference in 1992 for breaking the streak!
  19. Who was the first person to achieve the career "hat trick" of having served roles as Program Chair, General Chair, and SIG Chair for SIGMETRICS? Who else has done it? A tough one. My records show Gary Nutt, who completed the feat in 1990. He was Program Chair in 1979, SIG Chair from 1979-1981, and General Chair for the Boulder conference in 1990. The 6 other members of this exclusive club are Larry Dowdy (1995), Mary Vernon (1999), Derek Eager (2005), Leana Golubchik (2007), Carey Williamson (2007), and Albert Greenberg (2009). If I've missed anyone, please let me know.
  20. Who holds the career record for the most award papers at ACM SIGMETRICS conferences? How many, and in which years?
  21. We don't actually have an answer for this one yet. My best guess at the moment is 2, held by several people, most likely including Derek Eager, Mor Harchol-Balter, Alexandre Proutiere, and Don Towsley. If you have a better answer than this, please let us know.

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  • SIGMETRICS is the flagship conference of the SIGMETRICS community.
  • Performance is the flagship conference of IFIP WG 7.3 and occurs jointly with SIGMETRICS once every three years.
  • IMC is at the intersection between SIGCOMM and SIGMETRICS, focusing on Internet measurement.
  • SenSys focuses on the design, implementation, and application of sensor networks.
  • ICPE (formerly WOSP/SIPEW) focuses on the intersection of software design and performance evaluation.