Industrial Research Fair

The Industrial Research Fair will be held Friday, June 17, from 5:40 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. Companies which are supporting ACM SIGMETRICS/IFIP Performance 2016 will give presentations about their research and development activities, the jobs they offer, etc. Young researchers (students and post-docs) will have the chance to sign up for an individual meeting with company delegates.

The program is as follows:

Presentations: Auditorium

17:40-17:50 Presentation by UCN@Sophia delegate

17:50-18:00 Presentation by IBM Research delegate

18:00-18:10 Presentation by Nokia delegate

18:10-18:20 Presentation by Huawei delegate

Discussions: Foyer Méditerranée

18:20-19:30 Private meetings between young researchers and delegates

Cocktail: Foyer/Bar

18:20-19:30 A cold buffet and refreshments will be served

19:40 Congress Center closes