Ed Coffman Wins the 2002
SIGMETRICS Achievement Award

ACM SIGMETRICS is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. E.G. Coffman, Jr., of Columbia University as the first recipient of the ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award in recognition of being a founder of the Performance Evaluation field and a prolific contributor of seminal ideas for over 40 years.

Prof. Coffman received his Ph.D. in Engineering from UCLA in 1966. He has worked at Princeton University (1966-70), Penn State University (1970-76), Columbia University (1976-77), and the University of California at Santa Barbara (1977-79). Professor Coffman rejoined the Columbia University E.E. faculty in the summer of 2000. During most of the period since his first appointment at Columbia, he spent 20 years at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ. He is an IEEE Fellow, an ACM Fellow, and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (ret.) at Bell Labs. He is currently an editor for the Journal of Interconnection Networks, the Journal of Algorithms, and the Journal of Scheduling. In the past, he has also served as an editor for the Journal of the ACM and the SIAM Journal of Computing, among others. He has written well over 200 papers with well over 100 different collaborators. As one of the builders of the SDC/ARPA time-sharing system, he qualifies as one of the many co-inventors of general purpose time-shared computers and one of many co-inventors of computer networking.

For more information about Professor Coffman, please visit his website: http://www.ee.columbia.edu/~egc/.

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